Add-On Mission Packs

Warfare Incorporated offers unlimited game play with user created Add-On Mission Packs. These mission packs have been authored by other players using the Mission Editor, and are available to all players of Warfare Incorporated.

iPhone and iPod Touch

Users playing Warfare Incorporated on iPhone or iPod Touch have mission pack download integrated into the game. Simply press the Add-On Mission Pack button from the main menu. From here, users can browse, install, or remove any mission pack.

Palm and PocketPC

Palm or PocketPC users must download the mission pack from the below table, then install the mission pack to their device using HotSync or ActiveSync, respectively. Then from within the main menu of the game, press Play Mission->Play Challenge Mission to play.

Authors would very much like to hear from you! Please comment on the missions you play by following the Discuss link associated with each download.

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