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Unit Group Clarification

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2004 9:17 am    Post subject: Unit Group Clarification Reply with quote

I am new to the beta testing group, and have only had the software "m" for a few days but feel that I have a good grasp, but there is one thing that I don't understand; Unit Groups. What is the purpose? What are spawning and building? How do you use "Repeat forever"? Are unit groups to control exhisting units? Or do they create their units? How do you do anything?!?!?!?

Oh my... so many questions.

- Joshua
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2004 10:29 am    Post subject: Unit Groups Reply with quote

Yeah, it can be overwhelming!

Here is my view: Unit Groups are the only way to have the enemy build or spawn units. (If you use the Create Unit action in a trigger, it will automatically create a unit group.) A group can be just one unit, or many; one type or many. It is activated by the trigger action Create Unit Group.

Random Group: If checked, this puts the group in the Random pool. If you then use the trigger action "Create Random Group" it will pick a group (at random) from that pool.

Create at level load: If checked, the group is created or spawned automatically when the level loads. No trigger action is necessary.

Recreate if destroyed: Once the group is created, it will respawn or build if completely destroyed. This is useful for rebuilding towers that are destroyed.

Spawn, don't build: The diff is listed below:
Build: The unit group is built using credits and structures (ie the HRC/VTS if appropriate). If the Side doesn't have enough credits or the right structure, the group can't be built.

Spawn: Unit Group pops into existence instantly, cost zero credits, and require no structure.

Spawn Area: If spawned, then the area must be picked here. If no area is picked, the units will spawn in the upper left corner of the map.

Health: Starting health of each created unit.

Attack: Use to specify which units of which side to attack, and for how long. You can have several of these, if you want a group to change its attack focus after a period of time. If no units of the type specified exist, the group will sit there until attacked, or the next action takes effect.

Comment: Just for you, doesn't affect game play.

Guard: Defend an area within sight range for the specified seconds.

Guard Vicinity: Same as above, but for a wider area.

Mine: Used only for bullpups. Causes it to mine unto death.

Move: Move entire group to specified area. This action isn't complete until all members arrive. Useful for rally points.

Set Switch: Sets a user defined switch on or off. Can be used to tell a trigger that the unit has been created, reached an area, or finished some other action.

Wait: Wait for the specified number of seconds before the next action. The group will just sit there unless attacked.

Repeat forever: when the action list is completed, it starts over from the top. Useful for patrols and the like.

You might want to load the three demo levels that come with the editor and look at teh triggers and the unit groups. Good info to be learned. Try things on a test level, one at a time, to see wha they do. Read the FAQ forum here in beta. Read the bug forum. Read the level listing forum. Have fun!

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