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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:48 am    Post subject: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Reply with quote

My review today is on:

NS: UNS2 (known as Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 2 in Japan) is a fighting game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It has three gameplay modes: Ultimate Adventure, free battle, and online battle. It has 23 battle stages and 44 characters from the Shippuden series.

The Ultimate Adventure contains nine chapters, imcluding the prologue and the extra chapter. I don't wanna spoil much for you, so I'll only say that you start in the Hidden Leaf Village. You can travel around from there, and can do quests and stuff. There are boss battles, usually at the end of each chapter. That's about all for Ultimate Adventure. I'll cover battles in the free battle part of the review.

What is free battle? It is a free battle between you and an opponent. The opponent can be either the computer or a player with a second controller. You don't start with all the characters though; you have to unlock them by either playing the Ultimate Adventure or by getting S's in your free battles. There are two types of free battles you can play: single matches and team matches. The difference between the two is that in team matches you can have support characters. The goal in a free battle is to defeat the opponent.

There are three types of support characters: attack, guard and balance. Each character starts with one of these types; you must unlock the others for each character by free battling or by the Ultimate Adventure. Attack characters, once summoned enough times, will appear by your side and fight the opponent with you when you're normally attacking him/her. If you knock the opponent in the air far/high enough, an attack support character will also knock that person back in right to you so you can attack even more. Guard support characters, once summoned enough times, will appear in a blocking position in front of you when you are charging your chakra. I personally find it to be rather useless. Balance support characters, once summoned enough times, will appear in your way and get hit by an ultimate jutsu an opponent would otherwise have successfully hit you with. They also appear and throw their shurikens when you throw your shurikens.

Your character has several ways of attacking and doing other stuff. I'll make it a list to make it easier to read, and I have this for PS3 so I'll be telling you the controls for PS3:

1. Basic attack - this is done by repeatedly pressing circle. Your normal attack does more damage the longer you're doing it. Moving the left stick to the side during a normal attack makes you do something different.

2. Basic jutsu - this is done by pressing triangle+circle. Each character has his/her own unique basic jutsu, and each does a fair amount of damage. Some are more damaging than others, though. Also, some characters have a triangle+hold circle attack. For example, Sasuke's triangle+circle is fireball jutsu, but when you hold circle, he does flame dragon jutsu instead. Some characters also can do their triangle+circle or triangle+hold circle while jumping at the same time.

3. Ultimate jutsu - this is done by pressing triangle+triangle+circle. Like basic jutsus, ultimate jutsus are different for each character. These jutsus do a lot more damage, but require more chakra.

4. Ultimate team support jutsu - this jutsu can only be used in team matches, and is done by pressing triangle+triangle+triangle+circle. To be able to do an ultimate team support jutsu you must enable and fill up the support drive meter by summoning your support characters enough times. It takes a few summons to enable the meter, and a few more to do the jutsu.

5. Chakra charge - hold triangle to charge up your chakra to use special jutsu.

6. Throw shurikens - press square to throw shurikens. Press triangle+square to throw chakra shurikens. Those drain your chakra.

7. Block - Hold R2 or L2 to block all attacks except counterattacks. You take only a teeny bit of damage when you block stuff. Your block can be broken, however, which leaves you stunned for a couple seconds, unable to do anything for a couple seconds, so dodge attacks when possible.

8. Counterattack - While blocking, press circle to counterattack. This attack is the only attack that cannot be blocked, but you usually have to be right by the opponent for it to hit; a few characters have ranged counters.

9. Move and jump - Move the left stick around to move and press X to jump. While in the air, press X again to double jump.

10. Dash - Double press X to dash quickly over a short distance. Press triangle+X to dash very quickly right to the opponent, or far away from the opponent. Be aware that when dashing you’re vulnerable to a special or ultimate jutsu attack.

I think that overall Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a very fun fighting game, and it has a pretty cool story.
Rating: 10/10


Click here for a list of the characters in NS: UNS2. Click here for a video of some cool free battles.

Coming up next: FIFA Soccer 12

I have moved on (almost).
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